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Mature fields North Region

     Arenque      Atún      Altamira      Pánuco      San Andrés      Tierra Blanca

Pemex E&P will carry-out a new bidding round for E&P Integrated Contracts in the North Region. Six areas were selected for six Integrated EP Contracts; four blocks are onshore -Altamira, Pánuco, San Andrés and Tierra Blanca- and two, offshore -Arenque and Atún.

Through the Integrated EP Contracts, Pemex seeks to attract new technologies and practices in order to increase Mexico's hydrocarbon production.

The contractual areas represent important opportunities for development and production:

  • 3P reserves: 224 mmboe
  • Prospective resources: 1,672 mmboe

In this web page, you will find preliminary information ("prebases") regarding the contractual scheme, the bidding guidelines, and information of the areas and how to visit the data room.

On early January 2012, Pemex E&P will publish the official call for bids, allowing interested companies to buy the bidding package.   As part of the program, there will be some visits to the blocks, workshops and clarification meetings.  We plan to receive bids and award the contracts on June 2012, after a pre-qualification period.​​​​