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Chicontepec Third Round

  Soledad   Amatitlán   Humapa   Pitepec   Miquetla   Miahuapan

As part of the upstream business strategy of PEP, the Third E&P Bidding Round of Integrated Contracts is focused on Chicontepec.

  • Total reserves exceed 17 billion barrels of oil equivalent, which represents approximately 40% of Mexico's total reserves.
  • Additionally, preliminary studies show that the Mesozoic could hold significant production potential.
  • Chicontepec is located in the States of Veracruz and Puebla, with an extension of 3,800 km² and is composed of several fields that are currently producing in the Tertiary.
  • The development of Chicontepec's fields is considered unconventional due its low porosity and permeability. Historically, the recovery factor has been low; however, it has important hydrocarbon production potential.
  • PEMEX has acquired 3D seismic for almost all Chicontepec, in addition to 2D seismic lines.
  • Chicontepec is located in the States of Veracruz and Puebla and is part of the Tampico-Misantla basin, which is one of Mexico's main productive basins.

PEP has selected six areas for the Integrated EP Contracts.  These areas comprise three billion barrels of crude oil equivalent in 3P reserves, approximately 15% of Chicontepec's reserves.

Block Area Cummulative production 3P Reserves Prospective resources Hydrocarbon type
  (sq km) (mboe) (mmboe) (mmboe) °API
Pitepec 230 964 1,048 252 32 - 38
Soledad 125 40,376 134 128 32 - 37
Amatitlán 230 393 993 252 34 - 44
Miquetla 112 11,084 248 86 35
Humapa 128 588 341 157 27
Miahuapan 128 43 431 101 33
​Total 953​ ​53,448 3,195​ ​976