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Quality Survey

Purchase of Bidding Package:

  Low Average High 
How effective and reliable was the purchase of the bidding package(s)? 
Did you have a timely response from Pemex once the payment was done? 

Access to Information and Communication

  low Average High 
Is the access to information easy? 
The organization of the web page allows for direct access to information and is user-friendly? 
Your questions and concerns are responded in a timely manner? 
Do you receive information about our events in a timely manner via email? 

Bidding Rules and Contract Model:

  Low Average High 
Are the bidding rules and model contract easy to understand? 
Are the key variables in the model contract easy to interpret? 

Technical Information and Data Room:

  Low Average High 
Are the executive summaries of good quality and useful? 
Is the remote access to the data room simple? 
Is the information in the data room of good quality? 
Is the registration process to the physical data room simple and expedite? 
During your visit to the physical data room, were your questions answered? 
How would you rate the expertise and knowledge of the data room employees? 

Bidding Process:

  Low Average High 
In general, is the bidding process clear? 


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