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Data Room

For the third round of Integrated EP Contracts for Chicontepec, the data room will be available remotely and physically for all those who wish to consult packages 1 and 2.

Executive Summaries: publicly available at​

Physical Data Room

Calle Ferrocarril s/n.
Colonia Aviación Vieja
Poza Rica, Veracruz, México

Virtual Data Room

Remote access to the virtual data room requires the purchase of either data package 1 or 2.

Package 1

Includes a synthesis of key technical information per area, with the support of videos.

The cost of this pack will be proportional to that of the complete data package.  The goal is to offer key elements to facilitate business decisions regarding the areas.

Cost per Contractual Area: $10,000 dollars

Package 2

Includes complete information per area and is granted with the purchase of the bidding package.  This package may be accessed remotely via a FTP or with a hard disk. 

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